NOS for Banking

NOS for Banking is an integrated online security solutions that help people protect their personal and financial information from cyberattacks. The solutions secure the browsers and operating systems during online banking session and provide the endpoint security for keyboard input, malware and network.



NOS for Banking protects your personal information from keylogging, virus, and phishing and provide a safe online environment.


  It encrypts all information input through the keyboard in real time to prevent keyboard hacking and protect your personal information.

      •  Real-time key input encryption/decryption
      •  Extended E2E encryption support
      •  System kernel level keylogging detection and prevention
      •  BHO, Window message layer keylogging prevention
      •  PS/2, USB, Bluetooth, infrared port support


  It quickly detects and blocks malicious codes using Inca Internet’s proprietary technology Tachyon.

      •  Virus, spyware, adware and malware detection
      •  Various file format analysis and variant malware detection
      •  Boot, execution process and multiple compressed file inspection
      •  Auto-repair function support


  Firewall blocks hacking and malicious code from entering the network and controls access of IP/Port for computer security.

      •  Prevent hacking with real-time network protection
      •  Shared folders monitoring and access control
      •  External communication program detection and notification
      •  IP/Port monitoring and illegal access detection


  It protects processes, DLLs, and memory data at the system kernel level and blocks unauthorized access to the memory.

      •  Debugging program detection and block
      •  Prevent process termination
      •  Protect system from file and false registry change
      •  Block access using vulnerable API function


  NOS protects personal financial data from phishing and pharming caused by tampering hosts file.

      •  Phishing site blocks by blacklist method
      •  Windows Hosts file change detection



Operating Systems

   • Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32, 64bit support)
   • OS X 10.8 ~ 10.11 / Ubuntu 12.04 ~ 16.04 / Fedora 17 ~ 23



   • Internet Explorer 7 ~ 11 / Edge / Chrome 30.0 ~ 52.0
   • Safari / Firefox 21.0 ~ 48.0 / Opera 18.0 ~ 39.0
   • Swing / 360 / QQ / Other browsers Supported



   • CPU : Pentium 4 3.0Ghz and higher
   • Memory (RAM) : 1GB and higher
   • HDD : 30GB and more