Inca Internet is the leading information security solution provider with industry-leading endpoint security and help companies protect their customers from cyberattacks.

Inca Internet offers a complete security system to financial service companies to fight against malware, keylogging, and other types of malicious attacks.

We have proven our flagship products nProtect by receiving certificates from Check Mark and VB100 in consecutive years.

nProtect provides the products to many organization of all sizes and helps users around the world enjoy the safe online transaction.

We are the smart choice for banking security and fraud prevention.

CEO Greeting

Inca Internet is the global leader in cyber security. We have demonstrated by our mission to protect our customers’ information safe and showing our commitment to make the world a safer place.We are on the front lines of defense in protecting data and information.We operate one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks in Korea and are expanding our network in Japan, Europe and North America. It means we see more threats and protect more customers from the next generation of attacks.We help companies, governments and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives.

While the cyberattacks and threat to safety of information keep growing, our technology has been an integral part of banking and online game business. We took an important step forward to mobile security industry as well. We recognize the change in cybersecurity industry and personal information safety management around the world over the past year. We have work harder to support our team and customers and to improve the ways we can lead, innovate and protect them.



















- Inca Internet Corporation Founded
- Free online anti-virus program released

- Online game security solutions provided to NC Soft, Han Game and Chol

- Europe branch opened
- Awarded The Best New Software Program from Ministry of Information and Communication
- Awarded IR52 Jang-Young-Shil
- Awarded SOFTEXPO2002 & DCF2002 Korea Software Bronze
- Earned Korea New Technology Certificate

- Earned Certificate from China Ministry of Public Security
- Provided the firewall security solution to Korea Ministry of the Interior

- Awarded Golden Brand Company

- Earned TL9000 Certificate
- Selected as Promising Small Business

- Selected as Most Innovated Small Business
- Received Prime Minister’s Award of Venture Business
- nProtect Netizen selected as the best technology of Korea Software

- Selected as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Korea
- Selected as one of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Pacific Rim Region
- Started providing nProtect solutions Aomori Bank, Akita Bank and Keiyo Banks in Japan

- Received The Best Hi-Tech Award
- Selected as The Most Potential Exporting Small Business

- Selected as Innobiz company
- Awarded from Minister of Ministry of the Interior

- nProtect Europe established in UK
- Awarded 2010 Korea Globalization Leadership
- Released anti-virus program for 7.7 ZombiePC

- Signed a distribution agreement with RSI in US
- Funded Next Generation Small Company
- Awarded The Best 10th Korea Software Company
- US branch office opened

- Awarded from Minister of Ministry of Knowledge Economy
- Selected as One of the Top 30 Potential Companies
- Awarded Innovative Technology from Small Business Administration
- Awarded Technology for Foreign Market
- Contracted KISA customized anti-virus program project

- Awarded The Best Research & Development from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
- Selected as KB anti-pharming solutions provider
- Set up anti-virus network in Ministry of Defense
- Quarantined 6.25 Cyber Terror
- Responded to 3.20 Network Cyber Terror
- Involved KISA malware smishing app monitoring project

- Provided financial security solution to China ICBC Bank
- Selected as provider of security solution to Bank of America Asia
- Involved KISA customized anti-virus project

- Selected as One of the KICOX Global Leading Companies
- Awarded from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

- Participated in KISA customized anti-virus project
- Contractor of PC security service project for KERIS Education Information System