1.1 Install and Removal


1. Where can I download nProtect Online Security V1.0 (NOS)?

- You can download NOS from websites of financial institutions and agencies that have a partnership with nProtect.


2. What should I do if a NOS Setup file cannot complete download?

- Check the network settings, security solutions and programs that control downloading.
- Check your PC personal firewall, proxy and DNS settings, if it blocks any downloading from outside network.


3. Do I need administrator permission to install NOS?

- You need administrator permission to install NOS in later version of Windows Vista.
- After installation, regular user permission can be used.


4. Installation guide pop-up message keeps showing up.

- Installation guide pop-up message appears when NOS is not installed or failed to install.
- Please refer to [3. Operating Environment] and make sure you use operating system and browsers that are supported by NOS.
- If NOS is not installed, please refer to [6.1.1 and 5.1. Installation] for NOS installation and visit the website.


5. NOS Install and Run Program is not working.

- If a NOS installation button does not work, please check PC and network settings.
- Please refer to [3. Operating Environment] for supporting OS and browsers.
- If there is a problem while installing NOS, any currently running programs may need to stop. Please restart your computer and try to install NOS again.
- If the same problem occurs after restarting the computer and reinstalling NOS, please refer to [5.2. Uninstallation] and remove NOS then visit the website you downloaded from and try downloading again. Please refer to [5.1. Installation] to install NOS.
- Check if the current anti-virus program is set to block NOS install and run in your PC. For your PC at work, check with all security programs installed by your company and check the following:
      •  Check if other PCs at work have the same problem.
      •  Delete or disable the program that causes the problem.
      •  Check the company’s internal security policy with system administrator.


6. After the program was uninstalled, a pop-up message to uninstall the program appears.

- Other security programs are using files that NOS is trying to delete.
- Please close the program appeared on the message. Then continue to uninstall the program.




1.2 About Product


1. What is nProtect Online Security (NOS)?

- NOS is the online security solution that runs to protect computer and online transaction from cyber-attacks.
- It provides various functions to protect your PC from malwares, hacking, and illegal data transmission from your computer while using computer to access online. For more information, please refer to [1.1.2. Main Functions].


2. Why do I need NOS?

- NOS is an essential security program to protect your PC from malwares by hackers to steal your confidential information. In order to have safe online transaction, using NOS is highly recommended.


3. What is NOS UI?

- When NOS runs, an orange shield icon appears on the system tray.
- Double click the orange shield icon to go to the main UI.
- Main UI shows the current system setting and the real-time status.


4. How do I get a license?

- NOS provides the license to financial institutions or agencies that have partnership with nProtect. If you are a customer or a registered user of one of the company supported by us, you can download free from the company’s website.


5. I am already using an anti-virus software, do I still need to install NOS?

- NOS provides other services not found in other security solutions: phishing prevention, keystroke protection, memory protection.
- There may be some overlap functions from NOS and other anti-virus programs. It will only give more security on your computer.


6. Do I still need anti-virus software in my computer after installing NOS?

- NOS is the solutions for anti-phishing and anti-pharming for harmful websites registered in nProtect server. The other functions are anti-keylogging, network protection, and real-time malware monitoring.
- When you are not online, it is recommended to run other anti-virus software for more security.


7. Does NOS send my personal data and save into a server?

- NOS does not ask any personal information of end users. When confidential data are entered online account, they go through encryption and decryption process, and no data ever will be sent to the nProtect server.


8. Can I access to a website that suggests installing NOS to a computer that does not have NOS?

- It depends on policies of a visiting website. Please review website and security policies.
- Some websites give users an option to install NOS before accessing the sites.
- NOS provides the online security solutions to companies whose websites are equipped with the keystroke protection function. Their customers can enjoy safe online transaction while accessing to their account.


9. The website that uses NOS keeps suggesting to install NOS.

- NOS provides the online security solutions to companies that have partnership with us. Some companies require to install NOS to access their website. It does not allow end users to enter until NOS is running.
- Installing NOS is highly recommended for your data security


10. How can NOS protect my computer from cyber-attacks?

- While NOS is on, it monitors any changes in PC and end user’s activities. If the end user accesses to illegitimate sites accidentally, it launches anti-phishing or anti-pharming functions and blocks the access.
- All websites registered to the nProtect server are monitored 24/7. When NOS detects a hacking tool running in the end user’s computer, it stops the activity and the network protection function blocks the traffic of packets. Even the hacking tool is running, NOS protects the computer’s memory and input data from being exposed to hacker.


11. I am a tech-savvy power user. Should I still need to install NOS?

- NOS provides the security solutions to the companies that have partnership with us. Some of their websites are considered to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and required to install NOS to access. It does not allow end users to enter until NOS is running.
- Installing NOS is highly recommended for your data security.


12. I have basic computer skills. How can I set up NOS?

- NOS is easy to install and runs with a minimum end-user involvement.
- If you need to change the settings, please refer to the NOS setting.


13. What cyber-attacks does NOS handle?

- NOS can detect and repair trojan, Hack, Worm, Backdoor, Malware, Adware, Spyware, Grayware and other hacking tools and cyberattacks.


14. What functions of NOS are running 24/7?

- Anti-phishing and anti-pharming function run 24/7 to protect end user when the user accesses the account.
- Please see the [6.2.16] to understand anti-phishing and anti-pharming.


15. What functions does NOS provide?

- NOS has the following functions:
      •  Anti-phishing
      •  Anti-pharming
      •  Real-time malware monitoring and check/repair
      •  Malware program scan and repair
      •  Communication program verification
      •  Shared folder access control
      •  Keyboard entry security
      •  Fraudulent transaction prevention


16. What are phishing and pharming?

- Phishing is an illegal activity to trick people into divulging sensitive information, such as bank and credit card account. It is usually done by sending email to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise. The phishing email directs the user to visit a fake website where the user input personal information.
- Pharming is a cyber-attack intended to redirect a website’s traffic to another, fake site. It can be conducted either by changing the hosts file on a victim’s computer. It also installs malicious code on a personal computer or server, misdirecting users to fraudulent web site.




1.3 Maintenance Questions


1. How can I upgrade NOS?

- NOS uses a cloud engine that automatically updates around the clock to fight against any new malwares.


2. How can I update the latest version of NOS?

- NOS automatically updates to its newest version.
- When the computer is left on, NOS updates automatically every 12 hours.


3. How do I know NOS is running?

- You need to check an orange shield icon on the system tray. If it appears in orange, it is running in the computer.


4. Why does NOS need to keep connecting with the server?

- NOS needs to check if any update is available in the server and provides the latest version to end user’s computer.


5. How can NOS protect the PC that has multiple user accounts?

- NOS product is for protecting all end user’s computer. Once it is installed and runs in the system, it protects the system even if the end user logs in with a different account.


6. Why does NOS monitor the user’s login information?

- NOS only checks and performs encryption/decryption on login name and password to help end users enjoy safe online transaction. The end user’s confidential information is not sent and stored in the server.


7. Does NOS protect the computer that uses public Wi-Fi when access to my account?

- NOS protects the user’s confidential information even the end user tries to access to banking account using public Wi-Fi.


8. After installation is completed, a warning message alerting host file change appears.

- The message appears when a change in the host files, often pharming attempt, is detected.
- Please check the change shown on the message. If the change was made due to a change in the system setting, choose “Don’t Delete”. If the change is not recognized and suspicious, please choose “Delete” and “Yes” to restore the default value.
- Anti-pharming function can be changed to on/off in the setting.


9. After installation is completed, a phishing warning message appears.

- The warning message appears when the end user accesses a site that is reported as phishing website.
- Please check and confirm if you are visiting a safe and legitimate website. Please do not provide any personal information until the website is thoroughly checked.
- The end user can enable and disable the phishing function in the setting.


10. A malware warning message appears.

- The message pops up when the real-time monitoring function detects a malware in the computer.
- Check and confirm the folder path and choose either Full Repair or Selected Program Repair.


11. A network protection message appears.

- It appears when NOS network protection detects a program trying to access the network.
- It detects all activities and programs that try to access the network, not only malicious codes. For legitimate programs, choose Allow to permit the programs to access the network. Click Block to protect your computer from unrecognized programs.
- The selection can be added or changed in the setting.




1.4 Program Failure Inquiry


1. What other failure problems can be seen when I try to install NOS?

- If NOS is not successfully installed, you may need to check PC and network settings.
- Check 1) if other security programs in your PC block NOS installation, 2) if the network security blocks NOS connection to its update server, or 3) if your company’s internal security policy like active directory conflicts with NOS security functions.


2. When I try to enter certain websites, the connection to those websites fails.

- When certain websites are unable to connect while NOS is running, there may be a problem with network protection, real-time malware monitoring, anti-phishing and other security functions.
- If the website you try to enter has no security issue, then stop NOS and perform the system test.


3. When I click NOS tray icon, it does not respond.

- Try to double-click or right-click on the icon. If it still does not respond, NOS was not successfully installed. Refer to [5.2 Uninstallation] and [5.1 Installation] and reinstall the program.


4. My PC screen freezes while running NOS.

- When the computer freezes and shows a blue screen, NOS is conflicting with other program. Please perform the following procedure.
      •  Refer to [3. Operating Environment] and find out if the computer’s operating system is not supported by NOS.
      •  If you connected an USB keyboard to the computer, please disconnect and connect again (preferably to a different USB port).
      •  Stop or uninstall all other security programs in the computer and reinstall NOS.
- If the same problem persists, please contact us.


5. My keyboard input is not working properly. What should I do?

- If the keyboard is not responding while NOS is running, please check if your computer’s operating environment is supported by NOS. Then check if other keystroke protection program is running. Also check if there’s a key-hooking or key-logging malwares running in the computer. Please follow the instructions below:
      •  Please refer to [3. Operating Environment] to check if the current system is supported by NOS.
      •  If you connected an USB keyboard to the computer, lease disconnect and connect again (preferably to a different USB port).
      •  Stop or uninstall all other security programs in the computer and reinstall NOS.
      •  Run anti-virus programs to check if the computer is infected. If it’s infected, then repair the system and re-try it.
- If the same problem persists, please contact us.


6. What should I do, if the computer is running slow after the installation?

- If the computer is running slow after the installation, you need to check if it is caused by other programs or some security issues. Please follow the instructions below:
      •  Please refer to [5.2 Uninstallation] and [5.1 Installation] to reinstall NOS.
      •  Stop or uninstall all other security programs and reinstall NOS.
      •  Run anti-virus programs to check if the computer is infected. If it is infected, then repair the system and re-try it. If the same problem persists, please contact us.


7. What should I do, if other security solutions detect NOS as a threat and show a warming sign?

- Anti-virus programs may falsely detect other security solutions as virus or malware. You may need to report the anti-virus software company for false detection.


8. After leaving the website supported by nProtect, NOS icon color does not changes to orange but stays in green. What should I do?

- When the NOS tray icon stays in green even after leaving the website registered to nProtect, please close all open websites. If it is still in green, one of the browsers may be running. Go to Task Manager and check if the browser is still running. Select the task and press End Task.


9. Does NOS cause any conflicts with other security solutions?

- Network protection network protection and keystroke protection functions may cause system conflict with other programs. If there is another security program that runs the same security functions, it may cause blue screen or disable keyboard input. You may need to turn off the same functions that cause issues.
- There is no report of conflicting with other programs.




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